Life University Business & Computer Alumni Survey

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What year did you graduate?
What was your Major? BBA Business Mgmt.
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AS Computer Mgmt.

What are you doing now? (Employed, Grad. School, Both)
If employed, did you secure a job within 6 mos. after graduation? (Yes, No)
If employed, were you well-prepared to meet the requirements of your first position? (Yes, No, If Not, please explain.)
If you are pursuing or have completed graduate school, please describe your graduate degree and university.
If you are not pursuing or have not completed graduate school, do you plan to eventually do so? (Yes/No)
What Life business classes were most helpful to your day-to-day work needs? (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Proj Mgmt, Mgmt Info Systems, Computer Programming, Systems Analysis, Computer Applications, Databases
Which Life business classes do you feel need to be improved?
Would you be interested in Executive Business workshops or additional courses offered by Life to increase your skills? If so, on what topics?
Are you aware that Building B, home of your business classes, has undergone a major renovation, complete with all new decor and Electronic Classrooms? More construction is slated to begin in summer 2007, including new dorms, parking decks, and additional buildings.
Please share any other comments/feedback that would be helpful to our continual improvement of the Business program at Life University.
Would you be interested in attending an alumni-faculty mixer for Business Alumni?

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