To help ensure student success, ONLY students possessing the required computer and submitting this COMPUTER VERIFICATION FORM at the Orientation Meeting (Wk 1, Day 1, 3PM, Room 234) will be allowed into the course - other students will be considered ineligible and dropped from the Online CIM101 course by the department. This form does not apply to the in-seat lab sections of CIM101. Only the first 20 students to submit this form will be allowed into the online course (First Come, First Served). This Verification Form and having the correct hardware/software is 100% the responsibility of the student -- the Professor cannot check, suggest, repair, upgrade, or advise on hardware issues since the Professor's focus will be on teaching the class.

In order to take the ONLINE format of CIM101, students are required to own a computer with the following specifications because of the technical nature of the class. Students are not allowed to use computers from the Life Labs for the online CIM01 course, as those computers are reserved and used extensively by the many lab courses scheduled for the labs. If you do not own a computer that meets these standards, you should take the in-seat Lab version of the course and NOT the online version. Given the more independent, self-guided nature of online courses compared to traditional classes, students who are challenged or frustrated easily by technology should also take the in-seat Lab version of the course and not the online version.

_____ Windows 7 or 8 PC or Newer. (The class does not support MACs because the university has a Windows standard for the corresponding on-ground CIM101 course. Faculty are not provided Macs and cannot grade submissions other than from Windows. The student will be installing various Windows programs that are part of the course.) The student must own a Windows 7/8 computer with full rights to install additional programs - not a restricted work computer. (Verify by clicking START button > Rt-Click "Computer" > Left-Click "Properties" and looking at Windows version)

_____ Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 installed. - Projects submitted from other software cannot be graded and will result in score of zero. (Verify by clicking START > All Programs > locate your version of Microsoft Office. Test starting it to ensure that you don't only have an expired "trial version" of Microsoft Office.)

_____ 2 GHz or faster CPU. (Click START button > Rt-Click "Computer" > Left-Click "Properties". See Processor)

_____ 4GB or more RAM. (Verify by steps above)

_____ 100 GB or larger hard drive. (Verify by clicking START button > Left-Clicking "Computer" to see Drives)

_____ Internet of 2 Mbps or Faster. (Run Download speed test at - NO Cell connections

_____ Speakers. Yes / No. (Click START button and type "Manage Audio Devices" in the textbox. Click the resulting tool to see Playback and Recording devices).

_____ Microphone. Yes / No. (Verify by steps above).

I VERIFIED my computer performance standards and have written my computer's value in the blanks above.
I must possess these standards throughout the course or I would be ineligible for the online CIM101 class.
I UNDERSTAND that submitting projects from incorrect software would result in Zeros and failing.
I UNDERSTAND that all hardware/software maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or issues throughout the course on my own personal computer are 100% my responsibility and do not waive course deadlines. The Professor cannot assist in repairs to my personal equipment since he/she will be focused on the instructional aspects of the class.

Printed Full Name ________________________ ID# ___________ Signature _________________________
FORM DUE ALREADY COMPLETED at the Online CIM101 Orientation. (Wk 1, Day 1, 3PM, Room 234). Only the first 20 students present at orientation with completed forms are eligible for the online CIM101.